Our Services

At Viahex Cargo Express we are specialize in Truck Loading & Cargo delivery. We offer a rapid response service as well as an on-time guarantee.

We have come to realize that your supply chain is fundamental to your long term success and correctly structured it becomes your competitive advantage.

For long term success an organisation must consistently achieve the following critical success factors:

The right product representing that brand

A competitive price point representing that brand

Product to the marketplace to meet customer requirements and marketing plans

Product standard dictated by the brand

Margin that adds value to the organisation

This is why we poised to help you:

Make decisions closer to the marketplace

To have stock store ready AND store delivered

Eliminate double handling costs

Eliminate duplication of freight costs

Move to a variable cost model from a fixed cost model

Add flexibility to the supply chain, delivering product to multiple markets without having to recreate the supply chain

Lower the overall cost of the logistics equation